Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be careful of google's search results

It has recently been in the news that there's lot of spam in search results. But I did not know it will really hit home so soon. I recently entered the search for delay Windows 7 activation. I got this link as the first result. But this should not have been the first result for this query. It refers to the original post on But that is not the main point.

The first link in the search result does not give enough details. Being a lazy person as I am I did not click on the link mentioned in that article and it cost me dearly. The article in question does not caution the user to only execute the necessary command at the end of one month period. it does however mention that the command can be a used maximum of four times. But I somehow missed that. So I kept issuing the command every two days. As a result the time to enjoy Windows 7 without activation was severely reduced.

Moral of the story is don't always trust the first result from Google. It is unfortunate that Google will show a less reliable article as the first result than the more detailed one. But that's the way it works in Internet sometimes. So be careful of it.